Dr Himanshu Kapoor

We’re delighted to welcome on-board Nutritionist Himanshu Kapoor, a leading Diet and Wellness Consultant. A Post Graduate in Dietetics & Management, armed with a rich cross-cultural culinary experience and a passion to make healthy eating a way of life through her diet consultancy.

Her deep concern for allergic and food intolerant people led her to travel widely and undertake extensive researches in therapeutic diets some 2 decades ago. With that began her career and her customised dietary solutions through special cooking workshops to this vulnerable segment of our society. Today, as a wellness and special needs diet professional she is on the panel of a leading centre for child & adolescent well-being of South Delhi. She now offers specialised counselling and dietary solutions for such food- intolerance and related issues especially for children and young adults.

Himanshu is also part of the International Slow Food Movement and conducts cooking workshops with the philosophy of local, regional and seasonal foods. As a passionate culinary professional with an approach to innovate the traditional recipe, Himanshu strives to revive the health of people and the soil under her brand C.Green that offers a wide array of organic health foods. She works with the farmers and women to bring back their traditional processing methods by creating awareness about nutritional principles and the need to bring about change by reviving, preserving and innovating the traditional culinary wisdom.

Those who have subscribed to our Wellness Boxes are already tasting the joy that her products bring! We are excited to have Himanshu on board to further enrich our Wellness Boxes with her organic health food made of handpicked ingredients and insights that will help us ensure that you get the true joy of good health!

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