Joy to the world - Boxes of Joy 

have come a long way from the day I made my first online purchase, with trembling hands and a friend on the phone trying to tell me that it’s going to be okay to today when I make multiple online purchases so parcels can keep pouring in through the week and keep me excited like a child. So what if I paid to be surprised. They are surprises nevertheless! I often also find myself recommending relevant items and deals to friends and family or assisting them picking the perfect stuff offline or even surprising them once in a while with gifts without reason. Gives me a kick! You’d think I’m crazy. But the fact is it delights me to bring a smile to their faces. Shopping has always destressed me, but bringing joy to people’s life, even if that is momentary, is enough to make my day.

I ignored a few people telling me that I should seriously consider becoming a professional shopping assistant. Then one day, my husband said to me, “If you enjoy bringing joy to others so much, and pretty much excel at it, why don’t you do something to be able to extend this happiness to people beyond your own circle?” And it took us less than an hour to decide that I will be selling subscription boxes. And that they will be called Boxes of Joy.

These boxes will help people surprise their loved ones as well as themselves, overcoming all challenges that kept becoming excuses all this while. I understand picking just-the-right things for your loved ones and yourself is not easy. It requires tireless browsing of stores and sometimes even tailor-making just-the-perfect things for the sole reason that its recipients are way too special to deserve any lesser.

The Boxes of Joy for your kids, pets and yourself will contain a mixed bag of goodies and weekly or monthly essentials that will surprise you and keep you waiting for more. Browse through a carefully built catalog that is sure to suit kids of different nature, pets of different sizes and your unique health requirements. So go right ahead and choose to be surprised weekly or monthly and never have to blame lack of time, willingness or the skill to select!

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