It may seem to be an inconsequential little thing that we just do without thinking too much, but it's not. The effect of changing your soap could well be life-altering. 


How safe is too safe

Plain old white soapMost of us have been using the same bar of soap for as long as we can remember. Every thought why? That’s the point. You never thought why you never thought of changing your soap. Or maybe you did once pick up a new soap at the supermarket, but also picked up the usual ones to be on the ‘safe side’, and then forgot about the new ones the next time you were in the supermarket, and instinctively picked up the usual ones. Back to the safety of square one. 




Well, allow me to tell you - changing your bar of soap is a course in mindfulness. It will introduce you to feelings you have never experienced before, questions you have never asked yourself before, ideas you have never had before and desires you never knew existed. Every time you pick up a something new in place of your usual soap, you discover something new about yourself. It’s a freakin adventure. And it will change. your. life. 


The point of no return

How a good soap can change your life




Picture this: You replace your ancient white bar of ‘creamy’ soap with a translucent red bar with the fragrance of Morrocan Roses that fills up your senses and drives every bit of the world out of your mind as its lather caresses your skin. The fragrance draws you into a long lost world and the colour of the soap returns child-like wonder back to your life. And it’s only when somebody knocks the door saying something which is the equivalent of “Rahul, paani chala jayega”, do your eyes open and your try to wrestle your way out of the trance and return back to your phenomenally fun life. 

The next morning you can’t suppress a smile as you step into the shower. You hear the evil laughter of the Plum Shower Gel from the corner. 

Life will never be the same. You have been warned.


On a serious note

Actually, everything you read above was written with the utmost seriousness. However, more seriously, everybody knows that it’s the little joys which make life worth living. And the world is full of little surprises - some of them pleasant, and others maybe not so pleasant - but all of them worth the colour, fragrance and freshness they bring in our lives.

Moral of the story - replace your soap. Try something new.


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