Last month, we transformed the way shower time is perceived. Our exotic handpicks of natural shower gels, lotions, soaps, bath salts, hand painted bath linen and super exciting accessories have kept people excited about bath time, and in a healthy way!

While people were enjoying switching from their regular age-old bath ways to the exotic Boxes of Joy style, we were out in the market, researching, sampling and selecting newer bath & body products to thrill you!

And what did we find?

Australia’s wealth of nature isn’t just limited to its natural wonders, its beaches and its open spaces. Born amidst those is also a beautiful range of exotic and 100% organic range of skin care products that is winning awards and hearts, since 2002.

GAIA Skincare started out as a small invention by a mother of a boy born with sensitive skin and attacked by eczema just 8 weeks after birth! Since then GAIA Natural Baby paved way for GAIA Made for Men, GAIA Pure Pregnancy and then into the truly exotic and still 100% organic GAIA Skin + Body Care, totaling to around 35 products that nourish and thrill the skin!

The big delight for you is that starting this month, our Bath & Body boxes for Kids, Women and Men; Glorious Gorgeous Boxes, Mom-to-be and the Newborn Boxes will bring cherry-picked products from GAIA Skincare to your doorstep every month, along with many new surprises! If you haven’t gone looking for the special offers on the subscription boxes for kids, women and men already and are still reading, here’s your reward! One of the world’s favourite - premium GAIA Skincare products are coming to you as a steal-deal only with Boxes of Joy. Time to grab them before the stock finishes! Gift, subscribe, share and like!


Bath & Body Subscription Boxes for Kids

Bath & Body Subscription Boxes for Women

Bath & Body Subscription Boxes for Men

Glorious Gorgeous for Women

Mom-to-be Gift Boxes

Newborn Gift Boxes


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