How can your gift keep someone delighted & excited FOR MONTHS?
When your gift is a subscription, of course!

The pleasure of receiving a subscription to something nice - whether you have bought it for yourself, or been gifted by someone - is unmatched. Especially when you have been subscribed to a curated box which is put together meticulously by professional shoppers, every month, and delivered to your doorstep. And every box is full of goodness, new discoveries and unexpected value.



Enter the world of subscription boxes to enjoy all the little gifts of life that you don't have the time to curate yourself. Move towards better health for your family, up your fitness game, turn every shower into a refreshing recharging experience, savour handpicked teas and coffee from around the world, get your kids off the screen and back into the real world, and delight your pets with new treats and toys every month!


The Wellness BoxBath & Body Box for WomenHome & Living Box

The best of everything, packed into boxes and delivered to your doorstep. Not to mention, at a price that will make you gasp! That's subscription boxes for you.

Bring them into your life, and gift them to your friends, family and business associates to delight them for months! And keep them coming back to thank you every month!


Click here for some of the best subscription boxes in India - for men, women, children and pets!


Happy subscribing!

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