What's your table condiment? For most of us it’s salt. For the Japanese its Gomasio -  a macrobiotic made of toasted unhulled sesame seeds and rock salt. Gomasio’s crunchy texture and delicately salty taste makes it very easily acceptable as a replacement to salt and its super healing powers is increasingly making it a favourite with the restaurants and chefs in the west.


With Gomasio, make meals that heal!

Gomasio has powerful antacid properties that has an alkalizing effect on the body. This makes it very effective for nursing mothers. As soon as the mother eats or drinks something acidic, her milk turns acidic and troubles the baby immensely with what we know as ‘colic’. Gomasio can de-acidify her blood as well as milk quickly, making it easily digestible for the baby.

Gomasio also functions as a medicine in itself. It strengthens digestion and can energise you immediately. It can accelerate the de-acidification of the digestive tract and improve the assimilation of the food, to heal anemia, hypoglycemia, multiple sclerosis, and especially all the inflammatory disorders and diseases that are ultimately due to an excessively acidic diet.

Especially for those low on iodine and on opportunities to eat seaweed, Gomasio can be a real blessing.

Simple to prepare, simpler to consume!

You can make Gomasio as home. Simply toast sesame seeds in a dry cast iron pan or a stainless steel frying pan over medium heat. Stir very frequently to prevent burning and uneven toasting. The seeds should turn golden brown and start popping in the pan. Combine with salt and grind with a steady and smooth circular motion. Don’t over grind – it is fine to have some whole seeds left. Store in a sealed glass container and consume within a week. The ratio of salt to seeds can be varied according to taste and preference.

Our Dietician & Nutritionist, Himanshu Kapoor highly recommends Gomasio to be consumed as part of breakfast, together with a simple bland diet of slow-cooked whole grains and legumes. You can use it as seasoning over oats, cereals and even soups and salads.  She says, “Once you start consuming Gomasio, you’d actually have a hard time finding meals that it doesn’t go well with!” So are you ready to take a pinch of health every day, from today?

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