Benefits of essential oils are well known and proven. Be it keeping you healthy, healing chronic allergies and other health problems, detoxifying and de-stressing you, helping with an eye-shut sleep through the night and of course creating a pleasant and positive environment. And oh! Some of the oils can be the healthiest for kids and pets too! Though chances are you are not diffusing oils yet. If you are, lovely! But the big question is, how are you doing it? With tea candles burning beneath the oil? Possibly yes. Well, here’s what you need to know.

Heat destroys the therapeutic properties of the essential oils and even causes them to oxidise and further degrade. So whether you heat the oil with tea candles or in an electric diffuser, prefer not to. So what should do? Let’s look at the different methods of diffusing oil, basis which you will be able to select wisely. 

The simplest way to diffuse essential oils is to open your bottle and smell the oils. Quick and easy. But, watch it! When you open the bottle your oils will get oxidised and eventually go rancid. There are many better options available in the market:


These run on electricity which produces ultrasonic waves. These waves cause vibration which powerfully and quickly saturates the surrounding air with the essential oil. Easy to use. Efficient. And very effective! It remains to be the best choice because it doesn’t involve heat (which destroys the therapeutic properties of the oil) and hence gets you maximum benefit of the oil.

A question that could be racing your mind is “how come I see vapour even when there’s no heat involved?!” Well, it is simply a cool water mist produced by kinetic energy and not heat-produced fumes. Since this is method of diffusion is powerful, you’d be using only a few drops at a time. This helps you keep the rest of the oil from going rancid, for longer. Let’s not forget, essential oils are concentrated and hence need to be used sparingly, especially when being used in ultrasonic diffusers.

Keep it healthy!

  • Set your diffuser to intermittent so it is not constantly diffusing essential oils into the air, but releases them at intervals;
  • Add only 3-5 drops of essential oils to your diffuser at one time;
  • Diffuse for shorter periods of time (30 to 60 minutes continuously before taking a few hours break);
  • limit diffusion of citrus and tree oils that are high in limonene;
  • make sure the room you diffuse in is well ventilated;
  • Do not sleep with the ultrasonic cold air diffusers left in working mode.


Have you noticed the stick (or reed) diffusers standing in a pot of essential oil? Or people wearing essential oil soaked pendants around their neck or beads around their wrists? Those work on the evaporative method of diffusion. It doesn’t require a fan to blow the oil around, but simply uses the air current of the room to subtly diffuse in a small area. The reeds get clogged over time. So, to get the most from evaporative diffusers, keep flipping the reeds when you notice that the scent is reducing. Replace them with a new set when they permanently stop diffusing. Since the diffusion strength of evaporative diffusers is low, they work better to simply create a pleasant and fragrant environment, but are most effective only in smaller enclosures. And of course for health purposes, it can be a good idea to wear the oil on your skin or keep close to the body, and diffuse mildly. You can even use these in your car and office desk. With the pollution levels rising like nobody’s business, evaporative diffusers can keep you detoxified to a large extent.

So, folks! Let’s diffuse a healthy living!


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  • Very informative.always wanted somebody to guide me on how to use diffusers correctly.keep up the good work

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