Wellness. Is it just a state of the mind? Or is it physical health? The truth is that it is both and so much more. Your overall quality of life, what you actually think of it and how much you care. Whether you are thriving or struggling in life, choose to stress over trivial things or stay carefree, whether you are respected by peers and the world outside, to how you like your work environment, what you eat, or whether you exercise and rest enough.

“Clearly, some of it is beyond our control. But the good news is that about 40% of what determines happiness is under our control,” says Dr. Ronald D. Siegel, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School. “It’s not mostly events, but our responses to events, that determines our level of well-being,” adds Dr. Siegel. “It turns out that, just like for weight, we have genetically determined happiness set-points. So if we’re not taking steps to improve our sense of well-being, we tend to gravitate back to the same level.”

We hear of wellness therapies, workplace wellness, wellness tourism and wellness architecture, more every day. But what if we said that a small start can be made from your own home, and that can help you make a big impact on your day and the days to come. What if we said that this place in your home could be your bathroom! Come to think of it, isn’t that where you truly start your day?! Even before the breakfast table.

So what do you need to do? You wouldn’t deny that a good shower always refreshes you and makes you happy. Maybe temporarily, but it can set the tone of day. Now the same shower also has the potential to keep you healthy and positive. Energising you for the day ahead as well as calm your anxiety and prepare you for a good night’s sleep after a tiring day. So you can choose how you spend it. Or should we say ‘invest’.

Here’s how you can make the most of your shower time:

  • Shower time can be meditative. Why does rain or a waterfall make you happy? It’s the sound of flowing water that stimulates the mind. But there’s much more a shower can do to you. Shower time is probably the only time you have ‘all of you’ to yourself. With nothing to think of or probably everything to think of that you struggle to find time for. You get to control your flow of thoughts. Unplug if you like. Brainstorm if you must. Up to you! So yes, a good shower can be meditative. You can even put on your favourite music to add to the magic!
  • Cleanse naturally. Heal essentially. No, it’s no more just a fad. Or a luxury. We are already aware of how parabens and sulphates (SLS) can slowly kill us. Natural bath products are free from these chemicals and bring you the goodness of nature – raw fruit extracts, herbs, spices and oils that help you exfoliate, cleanse, detoxify, moisturise naturally and heal you – emotionally and physically.
  • The power of fragrance. You can even diffuse essential oils or use incense sticks to discover the varied benefits of different fragrances. For example, lemon oil smells great and has a stimulating effect. Sandalwood incense sticks can be used for a cosy setup and are great during the colder months. Another post coming up shortly is – Must-have oils for a healthy shower– to tell you how different essential oils and natural fragrances can transform your bath time and overall health and wellness.

Living in India, the birthplace of Ayurveda, we have a ton of recipes and expertise which the world outside craves for. It’s time we went back to our own basics to have a beautiful future and well-being.

Natural and organic bath products being passionately made in India are making it much simpler to adopt the ancient practices in our busy lives. Even those who can invest only 10 minutes to this daily ritual can now benefit from these natural recipes. Be well folks, and stay tuned!

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