Shopping is fun, almost therapeutic for some people. For others, shopping is exhausting - something to be done only on a need-to basis. 


Different folks, different strokes, but one thing is common – we often don’t have the time to shop for the best things. To find the best designs, read up about the quality and ethical practices of the brands we are considering, to negotiate or identify the best deals, etc. – for everything that we shop for. 

What if someone with good taste, great knowledge of current trends, access to global markets and superb bargaining power – a professional shopper – would put together a great set of products for you every month? Better, newer, undiscovered products from well-researched brands, at much much lower prices.

What if they can do this every month, for every need – food, wellness, lifestyle, kids, pets? If a curated box bursting with goodness and value was delivered to your doorstep every month?

Would you subscribe to them?


Would you subscribe to convenience? 

Great products selected, researched and sourced from different parts of India and the world, packed and delivered to your doorstep every month - without even a click. Subscription boxes are the height of convenience.


Would you subscribe to exclusivity?

Professional Shoppers

Our professional shoppers are experienced, knowledgable and well-connected people who have a great taste in their domain - be it food or fashion or health or kids. They travel and they scout for great products all month, to put together a delightful (and totally useful) set of products for you at the end of the month.


Would you subscribe to value?

Subscription Boxes

What is the difference between you picking up a product from the shelf and a professional shopper picking up a thousand pieces of the same product? The price of course! Subscription boxes are typically packed with a lot of value - the total MRP of products usually much higher than what you pay for the box.


If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, click the pictures below to discover various different subscription boxes and try the ones that make sense to you. And watch them make life simpler, stylish and joyful for you and your family.


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