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On a misty morning last week, the Salt & Sandals team was out for an ‘intellectual’ brainstorming over coffee. Only one more table was occupied in the coffee house that early in the morning, and that happened to be right next to ours. Our agenda was to think ‘out-of-the-box’. Had it not been for the few silent moments that our thinking hats pulled us into, we might have missed exploring what lied in that box, right across our table.

Just when some of us were doodling and some others were trying to pull ideas out of the ceiling, a young lady at the other table said to a gentleman sitting across her, “Aren’t we all too busy in our lives, trying to look out of the box? What if I said, the real joy sometimes lies inside the box?” Our gazes locked with each other’s and instantly all heads turned towards the lady, following her line of sight to a vibrant box neatly placed on the coffee table.

The lady then opened the box for the gentleman, and indirectly for all of us. The gentleman’s faint smile confirmed that he had started to buy the thought. He asked, “How much do I need to pay for this?” and the lady packed it up and said you don’t get to buy the box. You only get to subscribe. And the gentleman was seen tapping into his phone for a brief moment and looked up saying, “Done!”

After exchanging a few pleasantries, the gentleman left. That’s when Salt and Sandals began a new thread of conversation with the lady. And here’s what we found out.

Boxes of Joy is the brainchild of a young lady who decided to bring joy to people’s lives through passionately put together subscription boxes for kids, pets and health-conscious individuals. This young lady has always loved to shop, not just for herself. She has loved to shop for others as well as helping people shop. She simply gets high on seeing people cheer up to surprises or being able to find the right things to pick off the shelves. She chimes in saying, “It’s the small joys of life that keep me going.”

“But why subscribe?”, one of us asked. And she smiled, and said, “As an addicted online shopper, I used to make several small purchases over the weekend to let parcels be shipped to me through the week. The wait would keep me excited like a child and the assurance of the next one kept me going on. And of course, the thrill of receiving a parcel each time was priceless! Now, wasn’t that almost like subscribing?” Come to think of it, don’t we all enjoy receiving parcels and gift at our doorstep?! Taking a sip of her coffee, she adds, “There more to the idea of subscribing. My boxes are very passionately prepared to ensure that their users’ get the maximum joy and value out of it. Value, not just in terms of money but also in terms of the benefit they bring in. Good health and good habits – both take some time to be attained. The effort wouldn’t pay off in a one-time box. However, I have kept that option to let people get a flavour of my boxes and get used to the idea of subscribing to surprise each month.”

And next came in the most important question from our ‘certified’ thinker of the team, “And why the surprise? Isn’t it risky?” She explained, “You wouldn’t deny the thrill of regular parcels landing at your doorstep, right? Now what if they were a surprise. What if all you knew is that the parcel would come but not know what will come inside it? We live in a world where we enjoy the fact that we can take a quick tour of the destination before we visit and zoom into the product descriptions to know the exact shade of the nail enamel we’re about to buy. We’re conditioned to know it all beforehand and have somewhere forgotten that ignorance can be blissful. This is exactly why there is enough and more scope of the joy of surprises. And trust. Maybe it’s time to be kids again!”

The lady had our all of our attention by now. And she pulled out 2 more boxes to show us how Boxes of Joy intend to spread joy to the world. So, when you subscribe for the boxes, here’s what you get:

The Wellness Box 

The Wellness Box: these boxes will take care of your monthly health while you stay busy. They will bring you a 5 or more power edibles and healthy beverages, handpicked after a great deal of browsing and sampling. In the boxes you will find a carefully planned mix of edibles and beverages including organic granola mixes, cereal bars, healthy dried seeds and millets in interesting forms, exotic green teas, authentic kahwas, etc plus gourmet surprises that make healthy eating fun and exciting.

The Fun-do Box

 Fun-do Box (for kids between 2 and 6 years): With these boxes landing at your doorstep every month, the kids will stay busy and excited while they learn the fun way and develop healthy habits, and of course greet you with tons of gratitude for subscribing them to the boxes. Inside these will be put a well-planned bunch of 5 or more items including a toys, stationery, DIY activities and books, healthy and fun chewies, and some unrevealed surprises!

Tails of Joy

These boxes will keep your furkids healthy, happy and busy through the month, until the next one arrives! Loaded with 5 or more products including engaging toys, healthy treats, essential nutrition, organic grooming products and fun accessories, each box will ensure he/she stays healthy, happy, and always looking forward to the next one.

Food for thought:

  • If you’re looking to pamper your kids and pets or even keep yourself healthy without having to step out of the house, get a subscription box – it’s a monthly present to your loved ones and yourself, and the items in it are worth more than what you’re paying for! The longer you subscribe for, the more you save!
  • You won’t know what the actual items in the box will be, until you get it – so it’d literally be a surprise each time.
  • Subscriptions are available for 3 and 6 months. For a limited period, these boxes are also available as a one-time gift option.

It’s now time to move away from the regular gifting ideas and go for something that truly reflects your love for those you send these boxes to. Check out the boxes for yourself here and place your orders. For more information, reach out to the young lady behind Boxes of Joy at hello@myboxesofjoy.com.

(As featured on Salt & Sandals)

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