Or will you celebrate at all? That’s a bigger question. Valentine’s day seems to divide the community into two halves, those who celebrate with their partners in full spirit and those who brood over the fact that they do not have a partner to celebrate with.

So, coming to the question again, what should one be celebrating on Valentine’s Day? Well, obviously love. But hey, since when did love get limited to exist only between young partners? How can we disregard the first touch of love we ever got to know – that of mother, and then every unsaid word of love from dad that came to us as tangible gifts and actions more than anything else. It was love nevertheless, and lots of it. Or can we disregard those sleepless nights sacrificed on us just so we slept peacefully? Or the love that always stood by us to cover up for all the mischief at school or bury our secrets until they could be laughed at! Yes, our partners in crime – our brothers and sisters and friends! Then of course the special special someone who we thought we could never have enough of, to the time when we had a chance to feel what our parents felt when they held us in their arms for the first time.

If only we look around, we’d find many more gems of love, or should we say affection that we spread around as we grew up. How about we broaden our minds and let today be the day to remind us of them too? Instead of sitting back and saying, “Why should there be a decided day when I must tell people I love them?”, why not let just one day be dedicated to do something we tend to ignore every single day of our busy lives? And not limit love to just those who we probably tell everyday anyway!

So, folks, have a truly Happy Valentine’s Day!

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