Fun-do box

Here's how the Fun-do Boxes brought joy to 6-10 years old girls last December:


Storybook: A sweet story that takes its readers on a journey through nature and wildlife, bringing back the traditional charm of holding your own hard bound copy! Small lettering was deliberately selected to challenge the 8-10 year olds a step further.


Paper quilling set: Engaging, creative and addictive for hours. For the kids, and their parents alike!


Minions stationery set: New stationery is always the perfect reason for school goers to be excited to go to school! Leave alone


Labyrinth: Fun and challenging puzzle to keep the children meaningfully engaged for long while also developing their problem solving skills.


DIY Card-in-a-box: to inculcate good habits of making friends and family feel special on occasions and putting in effort to personalize gifts, other than giving the creative minds a direction!


Chocolate diary: an item of utility that doesn’t just look like a chocolate but even smells like one! Became a true favourite!


Paper punch: An exciting tool to make memorable scrapbooks, gift cards and paper decorations.


Craft stamps: to help the creative young girls try different colours and motifs and enhance their art projects.


Rainbow coloured fruity popcorn: Branded popcorn that comes in a variety of fruits colours and flavours, sweetened with jaggery – a must have in the winter!


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