Protein Snacker Box


Your monthly supply of delicious high-protein snacks

Do you know that a normal adult needs around 56g of protein in a DAY. Chances are, you’re not getting even half of it, like 73% of urban Indians, especially vegetarians. 

Now, start replacing all the junk you eat between meals with high-protein snacks

Each month's Protein Snacker Box contains 6-8 types of protein-rich snacks:

  • Two to three packs of high quality nuts / dried fruits / trail mixes (70 - 100g each)

  • One pack of delicious muesli

  • Four or more premium protein bars

  • Two to three super-food snacks like protein cookies / mixes / other innovative high protein snacks

  • One protein smoothie mix / gourmet spread / enriched honey

- Photographs are INDICATIVE - actual items will differ every month

- Superb value for money. Even more when you subscribe for 6 or 12 months

- Suitable for all age groups (except infants). Pregnant women should consult their physicians before altering their diet   

        Rs. 999.00

        Protein Snacker

        Our professional shoppers curate a fresh set of products for this box every month - exclusive, premium products from around the world.

        The total cost of all products in the box is much higher than the price you pay for the box. So, you get phenomenal value in each box.

        Subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months to get up to 20% discount. Subscribers will also enjoy a flat 10% discount on all products in Re-Store.

        Though it’s put together for your delight, this box makes for a delighful gift, too. The pleasure of digging into a box full of awesome is unmatched.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Much appreciated

        The protein box i ordered was amazing, gave it as a gift and the reciever really loved it, the products were also delicious. You guys are doing an amazing job. Keep going!

        Protien Snacker Box

        Had bought 2 boxes for my husband’s colleagues in US. Received great feedback from them. My husband wondered why I didn’t buy one for him yet. Lol! Guess I’ll go for a subscription now!

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